The Chicago Bears | Pure Football Weather, Pure Victory


It was perfect FOOTBALL WEATHER, the real deal running on real field, no turf in snowy Chicago. THE FACE OFF: The Chicago Bears vs The Seattle Seahawks.  I mean we had a GET DOWN GIVE ME TEN moment, MAN DOWN moments, players taken off the field, FOOTBALL PEOPLE for Sunday.  The Chicago Bears 35, Seattle Seahawks 24.

Jay Cutler, QB says, “It was fun being at home, we knew it was going to be a challenge.”   The Chicago Bears made it happen and I gotta give the DEFENSE their props.  The Bears out played The Seahawks.  If you don’t think so, not sure what game you were watching.  Missed opportunities by Seakhawks?  No doubt.  Now are they the team that can GET IT DONE with The Greenbay Packers?  Wow! What a matchup, TUNE IN, ZONE IN.

Upcoming deja vu Bears & Packers again -long time,


9 thoughts on “The Chicago Bears | Pure Football Weather, Pure Victory

  1. All them birds just went POOF. smh Hail to the Chicago Bears. We earned this, we played it out on the field fair and square. Again this is our time. Behind you all the way!

  2. This was a good game and the best game on Sunday was them Patriots saying buh bye. I got my money on a Steeler’s and Bears matchup. If The Jet’s get passed this game, I will be thoroughly impressed. They took Brady out of his element. Big Big? Okay, I think not. lol

  3. It’s about to be a problem, my BEARS ARE COMING THROUGH! We are Superbowl bound! I love my Chicago Bears! My dad if he were alive would be so proud.

  4. I’m crafting a post called “What a Sunday looks like to a Bears Fan” and would love to use your Bears photo in the post. We will provide photo credits as well as links to your site. Please respond by Friday, October 14th if you do not allow us to use the photo.

    Thank you in advance.


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